Q&A: Morrissey

Morrissey:1  This interview took place late April, 1991, backstage at Dublin’s National Stadium, several hours before Morrissey went on stage (the support acts were the Would Be’s) in support of his Kill Uncle album. To my knowledge, it is one of perhaps many (or very few, even?) ‘lost’ Morrissey interviews, as it has never shown up as part of the research for any Smiths/Morrissey book I’ve read in over 20 years.

Q&A Interview: Amanda Palmer

 Amanda Palmer Contrary to some warped sense of popular opinion, you’re not some freaky avant-garde outsider, are you?   “My most recent record, Theatre is Evil [credited to Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra] is practically a pop album. I also feel like it’s one of my most liberated records so far because it’s exactly the kind of album I wanted to make.

Q&A: Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards – we have waited a long time for your new album, Voyageur. Is the long wait as frustrating for you as it is for us? “Well, it feels a lot better that it’s out in the world, instead of having finished it and then going for a long period of time without anyone really hearing it.

Q&A: Sigur Ros

So much has been written and said about your music, but what music do you like to listen to that isn’t Sigur Ros? “I like to listen to dreamy music; it clears my head listening to ambient, choral music… Everything is interesting, though.