Review: California, by Edan Lepucki



Edan Lepucki

Little, Brown

Writers – some smart, some not so – have preyed on the anxieties of people that fear the fragmentation of societal norms. British writer JG Ballard, in particular, was adept at this, fashioning throughout the 1960s acclaimed novels (including 62’s The Drowned World, 64’s The Burning World and 66’s The Crystal World) that were initially viewed as being part of the New Wave of science fiction, and which, subsequently, were regarded as fine examples of predictive narratives.

Interview: Julian Cope


Julian Cope  So which Julian Cope do you remember? The pop star Cope of Teardrop Explodes, the Liverpool post-punk band that enlivened Top of the Pops with reassuringly left-of-centre gems such as Treason and Reward? The solo Cope wrapped around a gravity-defying mic stand-cum-lectern as he crooned his solo hits, World Shut your Mouth and Trampolene?

Me, Myself & My Other Life

RN Poster  Did I ever tell you about the time I stayed up till dawn in the company of six transvestites in Singapore? Or the time I almost slipped overboard in a Force Nine storm while we were gamely sailing through the Bay of Biscay?

The Rod Stewart T-Shirt – I Wore It Well

Rod Stewart  It isn’t often that a journalist can say they were once on the same line-up as an internationally famous rock star, but in my case it’s true. It’s on a t-shirt I used to have. You don’t believe me? Read on.

Interview: Paul Morley

Paul Morley According to his online profile for The Guardian – the English broadsheet for which he writes on a regular basis – Paul Morley is a “rock’n’roll journalist who is from London.” As they said with some frequency in the days before Google – surely shome mishtake? 

Book: 101 Essential Rock Records – the Golden Age of Vinyl

101 Essential Rock Records – the Golden Age of Vinyl from The Beatles to the Sex Pistols By Jeff Gold (Gingko Press, 240pp, £34.50 (hbk)   101 Essential Rock Records  The ongoing debate about the monetary value of music notwithstanding, there seems little doubt that its cultural currency is still held in high regard.

Interview: Sebastian Barry

Sebastian Barry“I live quite an isolated life in some ways, and it can be interesting to come out and talk to people. I don’t read reviews until some months after the books are out and have been reviewed. You have to take them as they come, don’t you?

Interview: Joe O’Connor

“I love writing, and I have since I was a teenager. I’m very lucky that I enjoy it,” says Joe O’Connor. You can tell he enjoys it, too. What makes O’Connor different from some other writers, however, is not so much the profligate nature of his output, but the fact that his quality control levels have remained reasonably high throughout.