Interview: Britney Spears

  There are two beginnings to this Britney Spears experience, and they are both salutary. The first arrived from an unexpected place. One of rock music’s most famous photographers, Pennie Smith, a sincere, respectful and grounded person who has captured the images of countless famous musicians and singers over the course of the past 30 … Read more Interview: Britney Spears

Interview: Aimee Mann

  She’s been known to moan about her lot in the record music industry, but Aimee Mann is, possibly more than most, justified in making her continual barbed statements: fact is, she has been well and truly shafted. Since her days in US pop/rock band ‘Til Tuesday in the late 1980s, Mann has released solo … Read more Interview: Aimee Mann

Interview: Villagers

  Of any Irish band of the past five years you can think of it is only Villagers that have managed to tick all the boxes. Slinky and sinuous? That’d be bass player Danny Snow and the way his body movement oozes Sylverin-like signatures. Songs so smart and surreal they stop you in your tracks? … Read more Interview: Villagers

Interview: Julie Feeney

She is, let there be no shilly-shallying about it, one of the most adventurous musicians that Ireland has ever produced. We’re not just talking about Julie Feeney the performer and the way she might wear an outlandish hat; or Julie Feeney the singer and the way she might quiver a quaver in your general direction. … Read more Interview: Julie Feeney