Interview: Two Door Cinema Club

It’s happened before and it will, no doubt, happen again: take a bunch of teenagers from a small town grammar school, put musical instruments into their hands, dress them in the la-di-da clothes of the day and wait until they sell over one million copies of their debut album.   “You occasionally get the feeling … Read more Interview: Two Door Cinema Club

Interview: Jack White

“If you can’t ask yourself the tough questions as a priest – does God really exist? Are all the Christian ways to get to God blind paths, and so on – then you have no business being one. In a lot of ways, preachers, ministers, priests in any religion, are not allowed to say those … Read more Interview: Jack White

Interview: Adele

We are twenty minutes into a right old natter, and Tottenham’s Aretha Franklin is wrinkling up her nose. “I’m so sorry, but the dog has farted.” Louis Armstrong, Adele Adkins’ petite, tubular dachshund (aka Sausage), is soiling the atmosphere of XL Records’ headquarters in London’s Ladbroke Grove, but the apology is shot through with a … Read more Interview: Adele

Q&A: Sigur Ros

So much has been written and said about your music, but what music do you like to listen to that isn’t Sigur Ros? “I like to listen to dreamy music; it clears my head listening to ambient, choral music… Everything is interesting, though. I listen to contemporary classical music, too, and electronic music. I put … Read more Q&A: Sigur Ros