Adele, 3Arena, Dublin, March 5, 2016

Adele It’s all about the eyes – shut, open, heavy-lidded, unadorned or with applications of make-up and those false lashes that accentuate the beauty and function of them. Even before Adele began her performance – slowly rising up from the depths of the venue, dressed in a sparkly evening gown that was the evening’s only costume, singing a song that would kickstart a regular dabbing of tears – the capacity audience were treated to an IMAX-like view of a pair of eyes.

Album Review: U2 – Songs Of Innocence

Songs of Innocence  U2: Songs of Innocence (Island Records)

So how exactly does a bunch of very rich 50-something men, long since drifted away from their origins, and – quite likely – what inspired them in the first place, forge something that is both relevant to them and their audience?

Book: 101 Essential Rock Records – the Golden Age of Vinyl

101 Essential Rock Records – the Golden Age of Vinyl from The Beatles to the Sex Pistols By Jeff Gold (Gingko Press, 240pp, £34.50 (hbk)   101 Essential Rock Records  The ongoing debate about the monetary value of music notwithstanding, there seems little doubt that its cultural currency is still held in high regard.

Book: When Ziggy Played Guitar – David Bowie And Four Minutes That Shook The World

Ziggy bookAccording to this book’s author Dylan Jones, for people of a certain age, gender and disposition, David Bowie’s appearance on Top of the Pops on July 6th, 1972, singing Starman, was “a tectonic shift in pop culture.”   Of course, if you’re of a different age, gender and disposition, a book such as this – and what it posits – will be meaningless, but if you’ve ever been profoundly touched by a work of art, pop cultural or otherwise, and what it can do to radically alter your worldview, then you’ll have an idea of what Dylan Jones is attempting to point out.