Interview: Aisling Bea

    When you can get a word in edgeways, Aisling Bea (born O’Sullivan) might just take notice of what you say and engage with you. Otherwise, this most charming and talkative London-based Kildare comedian/actor/writer will carry on chatting. This is a default setting, she advises you, brought about when you are raised in a … Read more Interview: Aisling Bea

Interview – Charlie Murphy

  An actor’s life might not have been the most obvious choice for Wexford’s Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Murphy – her parents owned a hair salon, the wonderfully named Scissors Empire, and up to her late teenage years she and her siblings worked part-time in the family business, folding towels and sweeping up leftover locks. Destiny, however, … Read more Interview – Charlie Murphy

Interview: Antonia Campbell-Hughes

  We’re guessing that you’re familiar with the face, but you just can’t place it in a movie or TV show. You think Antonia Campbell-Hughes might have played an elf in one or all of the Lord Of The Rings movies, but instinctively decide against it. No, you feel, she looks as if she’d be … Read more Interview: Antonia Campbell-Hughes

Interview: Jeremy Irons

  “Film acting is unreal – you’re very spoiled, you stay in lovely hotels, and there are lots of people to take care of your needs and wants. Having a family life is back to normality. There’s no rubbish involved in the house – I do the washing up! And also my friends keep me … Read more Interview: Jeremy Irons