Notes To Self: 35 Years Of Gigs

Iggy Pop

35 years? No, don’t be ridiculous! It couldn’t be.  It simply couldn’t. Er, actually, hold on a cotton-pickin’ minute, I do believe it is 35 years to the season that I first saw not only my first life-changing gig, but the event that kickstarted a cultural revolution in my head.

Interview: Roddy Doyle

Dublin-based writer Roddy Doyle is having none of this celebrity lark; he keeps himself to himself, his business is his and his alone, and if you’re asking him for the name of his favourite restaurant you’d swear you can hear him chuckling at the absurdity of the question.

Interview: Peter Hook

Peter Hook – now and then

Here is the conundrum: how does anyone write coherently about a band that has heretofore been mythologized and almost embalmed in prose that’s more parable than purple? If the band is Manchester’s Joy Division, and if you are that band’s chubby mid-50s, former bass player Peter Hook, then the answer is crystal-clear.

Book: When Ziggy Played Guitar – David Bowie And Four Minutes That Shook The World

Ziggy bookAccording to this book’s author Dylan Jones, for people of a certain age, gender and disposition, David Bowie’s appearance on Top of the Pops on July 6th, 1972, singing Starman, was “a tectonic shift in pop culture.”   Of course, if you’re of a different age, gender and disposition, a book such as this – and what it posits – will be meaningless, but if you’ve ever been profoundly touched by a work of art, pop cultural or otherwise, and what it can do to radically alter your worldview, then you’ll have an idea of what Dylan Jones is attempting to point out.