Interview: Wayne Kramer

  Personality crisis, left-wing radical politics, drug abuse, drug addiction, drug dealing, jailbird, rehabilitation, recovery, redemption – these are the ingredients of a life less ordinary but no less complicated, and if there’s one person still around to tell the tale then it’s Wayne Kramer.   Approaching his 67th year, Kramer is chatting from his Los … Read more Interview: Wayne Kramer

Notes To Self: 35 Years Of Gigs

35 years? No, don’t be ridiculous! It couldn’t be.  It simply couldn’t. Er, actually, hold on a cotton-pickin’ minute, I do believe it is 35 years to the season that I first saw not only my first life-changing gig, but the event that kickstarted a cultural revolution in my head. It was Iggy Pop, in … Read more Notes To Self: 35 Years Of Gigs