Me, Myself & My Other Life

RN Poster  Did I ever tell you about the time I stayed up till dawn in the company of six transvestites in Singapore? Or the time I almost slipped overboard in a Force Nine storm while we were gamely sailing through the Bay of Biscay?

The Rod Stewart T-Shirt – I Wore It Well

Rod Stewart  It isn’t often that a journalist can say they were once on the same line-up as an internationally famous rock star, but in my case it’s true. It’s on a t-shirt I used to have. You don’t believe me? Read on.

Notes To Self: 35 Years Of Gigs

Iggy Pop

35 years? No, don’t be ridiculous! It couldn’t be.  It simply couldn’t. Er, actually, hold on a cotton-pickin’ minute, I do believe it is 35 years to the season that I first saw not only my first life-changing gig, but the event that kickstarted a cultural revolution in my head.