Interview: Pet Shop Boys

A mug of Caffe latte – up to €3. Single train fare from Laytown to Dublin – about €10. A weekend away for two in Prague (including meals, decent wine and unnecessary shopping) – about €1,000. A red brick house on Ailsbury Road – anywhere between €10m-€30m. Drinkies with the Pet Shop Boys – priceless. … Read more Interview: Pet Shop Boys

Interview: Tori Amos

  She is, as they say, a different kettle of fish, altogether. For some, American singer/songwriter/performer Tori Amos is many things to many people: a firebrand of individualism, a torchbearer for idiosyncrasy, a beacon of light for those wavering between independency and soul-selling. To others, she is the oddest side of odd: the woman suckling … Read more Interview: Tori Amos

Interview: Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan has been both baton master and whipping boy of a post-grunge generation. He was the front man of Smashing Pumpkins, the band some initially considered to be Nirvana’s poor relative; he is the rock star that even Sharon Osbourne – wife of dear, cerebrally-departed Ozzy – found to be unmanageable; he is a … Read more Interview: Billy Corgan

Interview: David Byrne

  Brooklyn, June 29: David Byrne is on precious downtime, but he’s still eager to talk in his um-er-oh-maybe-I guess manner; it’s the verbal shorthand for what makes his nervous tics tick, but it’s so ineffably David Byrne it’s almost endearing (except when they go on to deliberate amongst themselves, that is; then it becomes … Read more Interview: David Byrne