Interview: Tori Amos

  She is, as they say, a different kettle of fish, altogether. For some, American singer/songwriter/performer Tori Amos is many things to many people: a firebrand of individualism, a torchbearer for idiosyncrasy, a beacon of light for those wavering between independency and soul-selling. To others, she is the oddest side of odd: the woman suckling … Read more Interview: Tori Amos

Interview: Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan has been both baton master and whipping boy of a post-grunge generation. He was the front man of Smashing Pumpkins, the band some initially considered to be Nirvana’s poor relative; he is the rock star that even Sharon Osbourne – wife of dear, cerebrally-departed Ozzy – found to be unmanageable; he is a … Read more Interview: Billy Corgan

Interview: David Byrne

  Brooklyn, June 29: David Byrne is on precious downtime, but he’s still eager to talk in his um-er-oh-maybe-I guess manner; it’s the verbal shorthand for what makes his nervous tics tick, but it’s so ineffably David Byrne it’s almost endearing (except when they go on to deliberate amongst themselves, that is; then it becomes … Read more Interview: David Byrne

Interview: Adam Schlesinger/Fountains of Wayne

Intro: In memory of Adam Schlesinger, who passed away early April, 2020.    You’ve seen it on MTV – the way Rachel Hunter might look at you in the video for Fountains of Wayne’s new single, Stacey’s Mom. If there’s any justice, the song will make the New Jersey band very famous and lots of … Read more Interview: Adam Schlesinger/Fountains of Wayne