Interview: Wolfgang Flur

Flur  He used to be a robot, but he’s all right now. Wolfgang Flur is one of the most famous musicians in the history of electronica, and as he runs through a soundcheck in the Arctic environment of an underground car park, it’s obvious that this most dapper gentleman wears the fame, renown, recognition and kudos very well.

Interview: Laura Marling (Pt 2)

Laura Marling 2  The nomad comes full circle? The prodigal daughter returns home? The last time Laura Marling and the Irish Times had a chat was less than two years ago, outside an East London pub, which was no more than a few minutes walk from her house.

Interview: Wayne Kramer

Wayne Kramer  Personality crisis, left-wing radical politics, drug abuse, drug addiction, drug dealing, jailbird, rehabilitation, recovery, redemption – these are the ingredients of a life less ordinary but no less complicated, and if there’s one person still around to tell the tale then it’s Wayne Kramer.

Interview: Kodaline

Kodaline  It’s a freezing afternoon in January in a very chilly Georgian house in rural Kildare. There’s a fire blazing away, but we’ll keep our coats on, thanks very much. One of Ireland’s most successful bands take a break from rehearsing for their forthcoming UK and US tour and gather close to the fire.

Interview: Jacknife Lee

Jacknife Lee  Northside Dubliner Garret ‘Jacknife’ Lee is the link between those artists smart and proficient enough to stand at the intersection of art and technology – he knows the music, he knows the equipment, and he knows how to fuse them together in order to make a very decent racket.

Interview: Jape

Jape Richie Egan, the man behind and in front of Jape, is rarely lost for words, and so, one after the other, they tumble out in a stream. Unlike some people, however, who only talk so they can hear the importance of their own voice, Egan’s words make sense.

Interview: John Lydon

John Lydon He could talk the hind legs off a herd of donkeys. Verbose, opinionated, defensive, outspoken, amusing, smart, allergic to humility, a man as eager to play to the gallery as to bow to no one, John Lydon is the owner of one huge ego and an occasionally impressive reputation.

Interview: Clint Mansell

Clint Mansell  Oh yes, he’s all dapper and polite these days, but Clint Mansell – one of the most successful film soundtrack composers of the past ten years – used to be in a band called Pop Will Eat Itself, was a member of the mid-late ‘80s UK punk/sample/hip-hop movement known as ‘grebo’ and hung out with other bands of the scene (centered mostly around the UK Midlands) by the monikers of Gaye Bikers on Acid, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, The Wonderstuff, and Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine.