Interview: Ben Watt


Ben Watt  We’ve been casually observing Ben Watt for the past 30 years, and we can say with a degree of authority that he has always had the demeanour of someone who would surely far prefer to be surrounded by books and culture and art than roadies and tour managers.

Interview: Elbow

Elbow There was a time when Elbow belonged to an anonymous bunch of UK bands that flittered around the limelight like moths only to disappear once the switch was dimmed. There was a time when Elbow were viewed as the kind of band that was difficult to pin down because there seemed to be very little remotely exciting about them.

Interview: James Vincent McMorrow

James Vincent McMorrow  James Vincent McMorrow wakes up to yet another day of blood, sweat, tears and glorious weather at Sonic Ranch, the residential recording studios located in a private country setting that borders the Rio Grande and Old Mexico. El Paso is about 40Kms away, but McMorrow isn’t in the mood for wandering.

Interview: Horslips Album Cover Art

Horslips  They went away and now they’re back – after a fashion. Irish band Horslips are once again in the news with a new biography (Tall Tales, by Mark Cunningham; published by O’Brien Press). Enough has been written, quite likely, about the band itself and their highly influential fusion of rock and traditional Irish music, but possibly not about their 1970s’ album artwork.

Interview: Paddy McAloon/Prefab Sprout

Paddy McAloon Little problems, says Paddy McAloon, arise to put a kink in your day. The mid-50s lead everything of Prefab Sprout knows what he’s talking about, and if it wasn’t for the fact that great music is still being made, then you would direct an unsightly and admonishing finger towards the Gods for having the nerve to encumber McAloon with not one but two sensory afflictions: severe tinnitus and detached retinas.

Interview: Lisa O’Neill

Lisa O'Neill  Almost 40 years ago, the once fledgling independent UK label, Virgin Records, released a double album with the title of V; the cover was of a hand delivering Winston Churchill’s famous ‘V for Victory’ sign, but there was something about it that made you look twice: the hand had five fingers and one thumb.

Interview: Phil Chevron (2004)

Phil Chevron  Never say never? Who would ever have thought that The Irish Times and Philip Chevron would be discussing the reformation of The Radiators From Space, the first Irish punk band and one that in 1979’s Ghostown released possibly the most ambitious and shamefully overlooked album of Irish rock.

Q&A: Morrissey

Morrissey:1  This interview took place late April, 1991, backstage at Dublin’s National Stadium, several hours before Morrissey went on stage (the support acts were the Would Be’s) in support of his Kill Uncle album. To my knowledge, it is one of perhaps many (or very few, even?) ‘lost’ Morrissey interviews, as it has never shown up as part of the research for any Smiths/Morrissey book I’ve read in over 20 years.